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Scientists unveil fresh findings on nanometals

China Daily 01 Dec 2023
They are used in many fields, such as chip circuits and high-strength materials in the aerospace industry, said Huang Tianlin, professor at the College of MSE of Chongqing University and co-author of the article.

Forum discusses China-Latin America modernization

China Daily 21 Nov 2023
This was the view of Chai Yu, general director of the Institute of Latin America of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, who was speaking at the 12th high-level China-Latin America Academic Forum held in Southwest China’s Chongqing from Nov 18 to 19 ... Studies University.

Fresh on the farm 21 Nov 2023
Also included among the 100 cases is the story of Shi Minghui, a 24-year-old recent master's degree graduate from Northwestern Polytechnic University, who founded a company in Chongqing Municipality together with 12 other young entrepreneurs.

Xinhua Headlines: Reasons why more young Chinese graduates opt for manufacturing jobs

Xinhua 15 Nov 2023
College graduates are seen at a job fair in Shanghai University of Engineering Science in east China's Shanghai, Oct ... Shanghai Polytechnic University. A worker is busy at a workshop of Chongqing Hongjiang Machinery Co., Ltd. in Yongchuan District of southwest China's Chongqing, Oct.

China science, technology news summary -- Nov. 12 12 Nov 2023
UNIVERSITY RESEARCH COLLABORATION. A new international academic network has been launched in Chongqing Municipality, southwest China, with the purpose of fostering closer research synergy between China and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partner countries. The University Network for Research Collaboration.

Universities from BRI partner countries seek synergy in research 10 Nov 2023
Besides Chongqing University, the founding members include three other universities from China and eight overseas universities, such as Ambo University in Ethiopia, Belarusian State University, and Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

BRI network for research collaboration established

China Daily 09 Nov 2023
"With this network, Chongqing University will set up a regular science and technology exchange mechanism and gather more global scientific resources to serve the needs of the BRI for scientific innovation," said Wang Shuxin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering ...

Sci-tech collaboration empowers Belt and Road Initiative

Beijing News 09 Nov 2023
9 (Xinhua) -- Wajahi Hussain, a Pakistani student newly enrolled at Southwest University, Chongqing, is diligently immersing himself in the study of a unique potato variety, with a view to taking part in laboratory experiments ... Creation in Western China (Chongqing) Science City.

China Focus: Sci-tech collaboration empowers Belt and Road Initiative 08 Nov 2023
8 (Xinhua) -- Wajahi Hussain, a Pakistani student newly enrolled at Southwest University, Chongqing, is diligently immersing himself in the study of a unique potato variety, with a view to taking part in laboratory experiments ... Creation in Western China (Chongqing) Science City.

The First-Ever Lunar Farm Shows That Plants Can Grow On The Moon

IFL Science 01 Nov 2023
When Chang’e 4 landed on the Moon in January 2019 it carried with it a payload that could dictate the future of space exploration ... Advertisement ... The first results comparing the plants on the lunar surface with those on Earth were released by a team from Chongqing University in June, and more detail is now available ... [H/T. Universe Today] . .

China to hold 1st Belt and Road Conference on Science and Technology

China Daily 31 Oct 2023
Over 300 foreign participants from more than 70 countries and international organizations have been invited to attend the conference, including Nobel Prize winners, academicians, experts, scholars, and university presidents, said Zhang Anjiang, vice mayor of Chongqing.

Chinese authorities crack down on stray dogs after a Rottweiler mauls a toddler. But some ...

CNN 31 Oct 2023
In one case that triggered an outpouring of grief online, a small stray dog – known as Xiao Huang, or little yellow – was taken away in a net by security personnel at a university campus in Chongqing and beaten to death, according to state-affiliated media ... The university said the ...

China Set Up a Tiny Farm on the Moon in 2019. How Did it Do?

Universe Today 30 Oct 2023
Lead author Xie Gengxin, a Professor of environmental engineering at the Center of Space Exploration, Chongqing University, is also the chief designer of the BEP ... CNSA/Chongqing University ... The BEP payload, developed at Chongqing University, was the first biological experiment conducted by humans on the far side of the Moon.

Dedicated nurse thrives on several front lines

China Daily 26 Oct 2023
Earlier this year, 59-year-old Gan Xiuni, head of the nursing department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, was announced as one of the recipients of this year's Florence Nightingale Medal ... the transport of 90 others to Chongqing for surgery.

United States Investing Championship Nine-Month Results

The Galveston Daily News 26 Oct 2023
He has a degree from Columbia University in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research ... He has a degree in architecture from the University of New Mexico and is a business developer ... Uppal is from Chicago, Illinois, and has an MBA from the University of Illinois ... He was born in Chongqing, China, and grew up in Chengdu, China.